Lethys On 50,000gp A Day

Beasts smote, and land purchased

It didn’t take long for the creatures to start pulling apart the barricade on the upper level and peer through an opening. A creature of ashen grey skin with luminecent orange eyes looked in and snarled at the party, only to have two arrows strike the wooden cover and a spear puncture the beasts face. Cam laid down a grease spell upon the stairs and one of the creatures took a tumble while the other two climbed across the ceiling to drop in the middle of the party. By themselves, the creatures fell quickly. After two of the beasts dissolved into nothing, a large slam spintered part of the door, but it held up to the first blow. Seconds after the party slew the third beast, another impact shattered the door and some greater monstrosity made up of the three beasts in a single form desperately tried to force itself through the doorway. The battle was prolonged but Tinan in his Field Plate held the line even after catching three critical hits, two of them from Sam’Pax who felt no shame at firing his bow into melee. He did redeem himself as the collective beast knocked Tinan prone with a lucky hit and Sam fired the final blow, adding ‘Demon Slayer’ to his growing list of titles.

Speeding back to town in a hurry, Cam and Val headed to the Mages’ College to warn them about a possible breech to the infernal realms. The local mages didn’t seem to concerned and after speaking at length to a conjuring specialist ruled out the idea of a gate. The specialist appreciated Cam’s sense of duty in reporting the threat and gave him a lesson in planar lore. Spending their time healing up in Lethys, the party spent some time exchanging magical items with the sages and selling a few unnecessary ones, Barrian offered a job to the group and decided to discuss it over dinner.

Nico, a newcomer to the party, decided to look around town and see if he could find a forge that would be willing to sell. His knowledge found a decent forge who was willing to seperate for an up front payment, then stay and work the forge for a percentage of the profits. Finding the land a bit too small, he managed to talk an older woman in an ajoining lot to sell to him as well for a minor sum, to which Nico offered a bonus to allow her to live a better life. The party briefly discussed plans to build a permanent structure before their dinner with Barrian. The sage enjoyed dinner with the party before telling them a tale of a temple not to any God, but to a belief system. A warrior of that belief was known to wield a sword made of sunlight which was devestating against the undead. The temple was destroyed two thousands years in the past when it was swallowed up by the ground itself. Barrian has information that the temple lies to the north in the land of Corcia, being excavated by a local lord. If the party was willing to head to Corcia and retreive the sword, Barrian would compensate them 20,000 gp for the sword of the Legendary Warrior. They, of course, were welcome to anything else in the temple. Business concluded, Barrian took his leave and the party started to discuss their options for traveling.



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