Lethys On 50,000gp A Day

Everywhere but the Mages College

I think they forgot why they were going there...

The party decided to debate for a while on what to do with the cursed idol, moving from selling it to members of the Green Pride parade, to handing it to someone they didn’t like so they could kill him and loot the corpse free from their guilt. Eventually they pay for the curse to be removed and start asking around town for someone who might be interested in purchasing an “Authentic Cultural Artifact”. Val’ora decides she’s more suited to seeking out other rumors of further adventures and headed to the Briny Rose in which the doorman asked to take her weapons and carried belongings (Backpack, bags, etc) prior to entry. Unwilling to trust them at their word, she decides to head back to the Suckling Pig. Cam, Tinan and Sam’Pax instead head to the town hall and turn in their ears. Once there, they find a new individual standing in the building and they offered their ears. The functionary quickly totals up the ears and hands Sam’Pax five gold and two silver.

Splitting up further, Tinan and Sam’Pax head to the Bloody Stump as Cam strolls off to the toward the Sage’s Fortress in hopes of finding a buyer for the idol. The duo start chatting up Frederick the Bartender in hopes of finding some work after a selfless act of kindness in healing a local worker who had injured himself at his work and was trying to drink away the pain. Frederick lets the pair know that he has been waiting for a shipment for a little over a week of a very special brandy. A special brandy that he would suggest not declaring at the town gate. It seems that a wizard who lives outside of the walls brews very special drinks on the side, but with the local goblin problem there very well might explain where the brandy had gone too. Quickly running through their loot from the goblin caves, neither of the two remember finding what Frederick describes. Thinking that this requires a more thorough investigation, the duo decide to head back to the Goblin Caves and search every nook and cranny for the brandy. But first, they need to buy a donkey.

Cam heads directly toward the sage’s fortress until he catches sight of a house where the iron gate seems to be finely worked and several well crafted statues. Stepping up brazenly to the door, he introduces himself and asks if the owner of the house might be interested in objects de art. The help notices him well dressed and asks his name prior to inviting him inside. After a half hour of waiting, a middle-aged human is introduced as Lord Saluntor. After some small talk, Lord Saluntor takes a long look at the idol and informs Cam that Lethys isn’t exactly the place for high art as most folk instead think of the here and now needs as opposed to the finer things, however he does offer a thousand gold in a letter of credit for the idol which is the same amount spent on the Remove Curse. Cam asked if possible to have the money in cash which the Lord seemed to be unable to place his hands on immediately but they made a plan to meet again in three days time to exchange the idol for the cash. Taking his leave, Cam heads immediately up to the Sage’s Fortress in hopes of finding a better price. Inquiring of the Acolytes who might be interested in a orcish artifact and they directed him to a gnome named Ted. Guiding Cam to what appeared to be an Anthropoligist’s office which had detonated, Ted walks out from behind a desk and when asked by Cam admitted that some called him Ted, others call him Bernice, although only when he’s out on the town. Thinking that Ted enjoyed dressing up in women’s clothes, the gnome happily showed his anklet of gender bending and demonstrated its use several times. Slightly taken aback, Cam shows the idol and Ted begins quite the dissertation on the particular varient of the god based on the differences in the carving before offering 1,200 gp. After a bit of haggling (and a blown roll from Ted/Bernice), Cam walks out with a letter of credit for 1,700 gp.

Finding Val’ora in the Inn, the pair head to the Twisted Mermaid to look for Tinan and Sam where Frederick informs them about the missing Very Special Brandy. Cam asked where they might have gone and Frederick said that since the Fighter/Cleric and Ranger didn’t ask where the Wizard lived, they’re probably wandering around lost outside the main gate. The Wizard lives to the South and you should be able to see the tower in about two days walk, but since Frederick brought up the thought that he believes the missing due to Goblin attacks they head along the road back to the goblin caves, finding the duo and their new donkey a few hours outside of town. Discussing between them for a while, they decide to go back to the caves and search it from stem to stern. Their first stop is the hallway where the goblins revolting against the evil Goblin King had trapped leading to the revolution’s headquarters. Blithely charging ahead, Tinan triggered a crossbow trap which ricocheted off of his armor harmlessly. The party was about to loot the crossbow before the found its poor quality and decided to leave it. The revolution’s HQ was nothing more than a few alcoves dug out by rough tools and maybe hands as well. Sam’Pax found signs that small creatures had been living here, but nothing looked more recent than a day ago. Searching the few places unmapped, the party found nothing more than an abandoned barricade and after checking the living area again, it appeared to have been ransacked for supplies. Cementing home the idea that the remaining goblins of the revolution had departed. Now, the only place they were left with was a tunnel leading out past the Goblin King’s hall which the found a cardboard standee of a Gnome in platemail giving the viewer a jaunty wink and holding his right hand up in the ‘Ok’ sign. Written in a magical script that translated itself to whatever language the reader was fluent in, the standee stated “You must be at least this level to proceed.” The debate raged for a few minutes if it meant that the players were a good enough level, and hence the ok sign, or if they should be level three. Deciding the former was the answer, they proceeded down the tunnel.

The roughly cut tunnel eventually gave way to the classic stone blocks of a deep dungeon, and as the party crept forward Val’ora, on point, happened to miss the sign of a pit trap in the middle of the hall. Stepping on what appeared to be solid stone she fell into darkness as the stone flooring, which appeared to be attached to the walls with a pivot point in the middle, swung around showing a mass of Green Slime stuck to what would be the underside. As it came around, the slime detached itself from the flooring and struck Tinan. The Fighter/Cleric put his ‘Quick Change’ talent to use and hopped out of his Field Plate in but moments, prior to lighting a putting a torch to the Green Slime before it disolved his armor. Val’ora was hurt from the 40’ fall, but the bottom of the pit didn’t contain anything but a stone floor and began to prepare herself to climb out as the party realized they only had 10’ of rope between the four of them. Unwilling to risk his sister falling and hurting herself again, Cam decided to burn a charge off of his staff and cast ‘Levitate’ and allowing her to float back up. Moving further into the dungeon, the absence of any sort of dust of detrius on the floor caused them to be concerned as they all searched their memories for what could do such a thing. Sam’Pax was the only one to recall such abominations like the Gelatinous Cube which was known to keep dungeons clean. As they were unable to disolve metal, the idea of removing all the coins and possibly gems from it’s remains overwrote the party’s caution and they proceeded forward. They didn’t get far before they found a 45 degree slope heading to a lower level, and in turning around they heard a swarm of rats heading their way in a large hurry. Assuming the worst, a torch was thrown between the party and a side hallway they haven’t investigated as the fire caused the wave of rodents to change direction down the side path. Tinan, in a brilliant throw, heaved the torch as far as he could down the hallway, which stuck with the lit side facing outward of the charging Gelatinous Cube. Sam’Pax valiently, but ineffectually, fired and arrow at the abomination as the party retreated back to the pit trap, hoping to lure the creature into the trap, only to watch the lit torch quickly move past. Seemingly ignoring the party. Confused, but a little relieved, the party quickly decided to place one of the stones of Continual Light on the floor of the dungeon where the cube had traveled assuming that it would absorb the stone and be far easier to see. While waiting for the Cube, a trio of ghouls were attracted to the light and caught sight of the party, charging forward to feed.

Cam, Sam and Val all retreated back past the pit trap as Tinan placed the same faith he had in his armor into the power of Odin and began turning while Sam peppered a ghoul with a few arrows. The undead beasts did their utmost to surround and overbear Tinan and drive him to the ground but couldn’t get a good grasp on the fully armored Fighter/Cleric. Once his prayers were complete, the power of Odin shined forth and the beasts were driven away, one back to the dungeon and two toward the party. More arrows came from Sam and Cam blasted the secured pit covering with a lightning bolt from his staff in hopes of breaking it, but the stone was too tough. The bolt, however, bounced from floor to ceiling down the hall and vaporized one of the ghouls as the party made quick work of the final one, and there we ended the night.



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