Lethys On 50,000gp A Day

King for a Day

Well, one minion for about three minutes

Battle is joined after Cam shouts out that this isn’t murder, this is but a test of their loyalty to Gruumash, getting odd stares from the party and goblins. Tinan steps up and meets the chainmailed armored goblins, striking one decently as two of the four circle around toward Sam’Pax and Cam. Val’ora moved to stand up and assist Tinan, who suddenly finds himself flanked as one of the two circling goblins jumps to attack the field plate armored Half-Elf from a flanked position… which the goblin is still incapable of hitting him somewhere vunerable. The fat goblin lord moves to the melee with Tinan but is quickly manuevered to where he can’t get an attack. The melee continues for a few rounds before Val’ora drops the first Goblin who was utterly useless behind Tinan, and Tinan drops one in front of him swinging the odds in favor of the party. Sam drops the third Goblin as Val’ora kills the fat goblins with a final dagger blow. In the silence after the battle as Cam looks over the fat goblin’s corpse, Val’ora and Sam hear the sounds of someone trying to be very quiet down the hallway from where the party entered the cavern. Prior to investigating the noise, Cam pulls an iron circlet off of the goblins head, declaring the dead beast unworthy and he was now King of the Goblins. From behind one of the braziers where they had heard the noise, a cheer rises up as a lone goblin runs up to embrace Cam who is thrilled that he has slain the evil Goblin King.

Finding themselves with a new source of information, Cam speaks to the goblins who says he is part of a revolution against the evil Goblin King with 7 other goblins hidden down another tunnel the party had not explored. To the best of the goblin’s knowledge, there were no more loyalists left as they would be defending their king. After showing the map to the goblin, he finished up all of the unknown parts to the map and speaks of what certain areas contained. Specifically the corridor where the fifteen goblins had charged Cam from was the living area where the women of the goblin clan lived. Cam informed him rather delicately that it appears the the women and childrens were all killed, as the minion assumes it was the evil king who had done the deed and begins defiling the corpse while enraged and screaming profanities. Eventually, the goblin calms down and afterwards Cam orders the goblin to take him back to the revolting goblins so he may organize his new troops. The goblin, then asked, if it was not Val’ora who did all the work, since he had watched the fight and she outnumbered him 3 to 1 in kills and did drop the evil king. Unwilling to take such lip from an underling, Cam pointed his staff, set it to magic missile, and killed the poor goblin in a single hit.

Murder of an innocent goblins aside, the party starts examining the throne and finds it simply a tall-backed chair sitting upon crates. In opening all four of the crates, they find each filled with 750 gold pieces each. Throwing the crates, the goblins arms and armor into the bag of holding, they head off to where the revolting goblins had made their base. Calling down the hallway that the evil King was killed and replaced, but no goblins appeared. Val’ora made a valient attempt to find any traps they had been warned about but could not pick any traps out. Tinan speaks up as well stating that he was out of healing spells as well. Deciding that they should return to the city and acquire more goods to make this dungeon more habitable… at least that’s what Cam wanted. The rest of the party wanted to get Cam back to a Temple of Nudor to get a Remove Curse for Cam.

Once returned to Lethys, Tinan took a perverse amount of pleasure pointing out half-orcs in the city and pushing his brother toward trying to pick some up for his harem, only to praise Odin when he catches sight of a Green Pride parade (With floats and everything) a few streets down. Val’ora uses the distraction to run to the Temple and get a cleric, explaining the problem quickly as Cam changes out to to his good robes before declaring himsef the Orc King of the Goblins and tries to push his way through the crowd. Thankfully the cleric manages to cast his Remove Curse spell prior to Cam getting into too much trouble. Val’ora removes the pouch from Cam’s belt and asked the cleric if he could identify the idol’s properties. The cleric declined and instead suggested they take it to the Mages College instead, which is where we left it for the night.

Final Goblin Body Counts

  • Cam – 15.5
  • Tinan – 8.5
  • Val’ora – 6
  • Sam’Pax – 2



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