Lethys On 50,000gp A Day

To Adventure!

Well, a pair of Goblins at least.

The next day dawns and Val’ora catches the sound of whispered voices out in the front room of the Inn of two people who are trying to keep quiet. Val’ora decided to keep to the shadows while Cam walked out to see what was happening and found Thomas questioning the Innkeeper. Upon seeing Cam, Thomas broke from conversing with the innkeeper and brought a scroll to Cam stating a bounty of five copper pieces per goblin ear has been posted by the Guild of Merchants.

Wanting to get an early start, the party once again heads to the fortress whose doors are wide open during daylight hours. Entering the foyer the center of the building looked to be a library with several tables set up for reading. One local acolyte asked if they could be any sort of assistance and after some discussion they found a local sage named Barrian who was interested in martial items, but was less than pleased at being interrupted at breakfast. The party was brought to the sage’s quarters which appeared to be an armory of obvious magical goods. Offering up a magic spear and suit of platemail that the party didn’t have a use for, Barrian examined the pair and found they were likely a storied set from an Elven warrior, and out of his interest offered the party 7,500 goldpieces in exchange for the set. The party willing accepted before asking about the local sages and their apparently wealth. It appeared the sages are nearly to a man are second and third sons of royalty who have dedicated their lives to knowledge. Happier to know that the sages are likely good for their gold, they decided to head out of the city and headed for the goblins.

According to the map they received, the goblins were about a day’s walk back along the road they came from, then north into the forest. The first night passed uneventfully and in the early afternoon of the second day the party came across a set of ruins. A building, once made of stone collapsed on itself and overgrown with moss. No one is able to make sense of the tracks outside of the building so they head inside carefully to find more destruction surrounding them inside. Large pieces of wooden furniture were both crushed and rotten away on the ground floor, but oddly it appeared that some large sections of the wood had been removed. Continuing their exploration of the collapsed building, the party came across a tunnel near the back of the building that appears that it was breached from below. Cautiously heading down, the tunnel eventually opened into a crypt with several corpses, long dead, laid out in biers carved into the walls. Moving deeper inside the crypt, the party catches the sounds of feet on stone and douse their lights. The noise stops as well, and before long starts to head away. Moving forward carefully, the party’s infravision catches the sight of the spot where whatever made the noise stood for a while before departing. Choosing not to follow, the party turns down a side passage and continues their exploration. The sidepath eventually opened up into a room with several stone benches and long rusted tools. The only other exit shown in the room was a path with a barricade at the end. Once again, the party’s infravision showed a pair of small bodies standing inside. Headless of any sort of danger, Tinan charged forward and lowered his shoulder into the barricade as the two goblins inside extended spears to meet the charge. The goblin spearmen were ineffectual at catching Tinan’s charge, but their barricade met the charge unmoving and withstood Tinan’s mighty blow.

Both Val’ora and Cam decided to watch the rear as Sam’Pax stepped forward with sword drawn. The two goblins once again poked ineffectually against Tinan’s armor as the Fighter/Cleric stooped down, placing his foot on the barricade and simply ripped it apart with his strength. With one of goblins on each of the players, they quickly mopped up scoring one kill each. Once the fight is done and the ears are carved off each of the bodies, Tinan offers a bet with Sam’Pax. Whoever kills the most Goblins gets all of the ear money, Sam’Pax accepts and the count stands as follows:

  • Tinan : 1
  • Sam’Pax : 1



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