Lethys On 50,000gp A Day

Beasts smote, and land purchased

It didn’t take long for the creatures to start pulling apart the barricade on the upper level and peer through an opening. A creature of ashen grey skin with luminecent orange eyes looked in and snarled at the party, only to have two arrows strike the wooden cover and a spear puncture the beasts face. Cam laid down a grease spell upon the stairs and one of the creatures took a tumble while the other two climbed across the ceiling to drop in the middle of the party. By themselves, the creatures fell quickly. After two of the beasts dissolved into nothing, a large slam spintered part of the door, but it held up to the first blow. Seconds after the party slew the third beast, another impact shattered the door and some greater monstrosity made up of the three beasts in a single form desperately tried to force itself through the doorway. The battle was prolonged but Tinan in his Field Plate held the line even after catching three critical hits, two of them from Sam’Pax who felt no shame at firing his bow into melee. He did redeem himself as the collective beast knocked Tinan prone with a lucky hit and Sam fired the final blow, adding ‘Demon Slayer’ to his growing list of titles.

Speeding back to town in a hurry, Cam and Val headed to the Mages’ College to warn them about a possible breech to the infernal realms. The local mages didn’t seem to concerned and after speaking at length to a conjuring specialist ruled out the idea of a gate. The specialist appreciated Cam’s sense of duty in reporting the threat and gave him a lesson in planar lore. Spending their time healing up in Lethys, the party spent some time exchanging magical items with the sages and selling a few unnecessary ones, Barrian offered a job to the group and decided to discuss it over dinner.

Nico, a newcomer to the party, decided to look around town and see if he could find a forge that would be willing to sell. His knowledge found a decent forge who was willing to seperate for an up front payment, then stay and work the forge for a percentage of the profits. Finding the land a bit too small, he managed to talk an older woman in an ajoining lot to sell to him as well for a minor sum, to which Nico offered a bonus to allow her to live a better life. The party briefly discussed plans to build a permanent structure before their dinner with Barrian. The sage enjoyed dinner with the party before telling them a tale of a temple not to any God, but to a belief system. A warrior of that belief was known to wield a sword made of sunlight which was devestating against the undead. The temple was destroyed two thousands years in the past when it was swallowed up by the ground itself. Barrian has information that the temple lies to the north in the land of Corcia, being excavated by a local lord. If the party was willing to head to Corcia and retreive the sword, Barrian would compensate them 20,000 gp for the sword of the Legendary Warrior. They, of course, were welcome to anything else in the temple. Business concluded, Barrian took his leave and the party started to discuss their options for traveling.

The plot moves!

Deciding to get something done this week, the party decides to get some work done around the city. Taking Sam and Val’s bows to a local bowery to get them strength tested, Sam also takes the bear corpse to get skinned and have a cloak made from it the skin and helm from the skull. Catching a few classes at the local school he also got better at skinning, bargaining and first aid. Val spent some time at the Sage’s Fortress reading up on other languages and Cam recharged his staff.

Newly equipped and the party Ranger draped in his new bear skin, the gathering heads out and walks along the cliff face toward the wizard’s tower toward the south. The path is rough and unfamiliar to travelers as the cart slows down the party a bit. Two days of travel finds them camping about two hundred yards away. Over the course of the night, the party keeps catching the sound of stone grinding on stone infrequently. As the night wears on, off toward the ocean a storm started to blow in. In the morning, the storm had yet to arrive and to the untrained eyes it didn’t look too bad. Securing the donkey near a large boulder out of the rising wind off of the ocean, the party moves toward the tower.

The tower doesn’t stand alone, as there was another building about fifty yards inland which was once a large barn, but had burned to the ground. Cam spent some time looking over the remains of the collapsed building, he couldn’t see any signs that the fire was anything but natural. Closing in to the structures, Tinan’s foot came to rest on a empty potion bottle which shattered under his step. Long exposed to the elements, easily another hundred bottles were scattered around in the tall grass. Val discovered a magical trap on the front door as Cam tried calling for the tower’s occupent. Tinan and Sam wander around the tower to check for the possibility of a back door and find a couch exposed to the elements and countless bottles about an arm’s throw from the couch. Looking around, they notice a full sized wagon up on blocks with what was once a racing stripe painted along the side which had faded with time. Deciding to check out the burned out building first prior to scoping out the tower. The collapsed roof made exploring it different, but after tying a rope to Val and sending her inside, she managed to route around without causing the unstable structure to fall on her. Eventually, she managed to find a metal case partially buried in the rubble, with the metal slightly melted around the edges. Carrying it out carefully, Val placed the box on the ground before pulling her dagger and carefully prying at it for a while before popping the box open. Inside laying upon lovely purple velvet and massive amounts of packing material is a fancy bottle filled with an amber liquid. Considering the adventure at a close, they decide to secure the brandy and loot the tower.

Sending Val’ora to climb the tower, she makes her way up to the fourth floor where she can see a strange heat effect in the top tower, like flames made out of glass. Feeling no heat, but concerned about the possible effect, she instead secures a rope to the eaves at top of the tower before climbing to the top and looking around. The buffeting wind causes no issue as she looks around the area and finds a small, blacked shape about two hundred yards out in the distance. Climbing down to the ground, the thief shared the news with the family members, she goes back to the top and guides the trio through the grass where the find the remains of a humanoid, blackened beyond recognition. Tinan and Sam find signs that while the body was consumed with flame, most of the bones in the neck and back were crushed. Suddenly feeling less excited about the entire affair, Val decends to the second level before looking inside and finding what appears to be a study. Chairs and tables in areas to put the local light to the best use, as well as plates showing signs of previous meals but no sign of any sort of vermin. Heading downstairs, Val’ora stops suddenly as both an owlbear and rust monsters are reared up facing the front door. After a few moments, she realizes that they aren’t moving and after dropping a few arrows she’s sure of that fact as they make a hollow thump on impact. Once downstairs, she uses the stuffed rust monster to push against the front door where an off-color flash occurs, before she’s certain the trap is discharged. Noticing the storm is coming, they bring the donkey and cart inside the building before searching. A trap door was hidden under a rug, and after a bit of exploring they find the basement stocked with foodstuffs which they promptly shove into their Hefty Bag of Storage.

The third floor contains a bed and items of a personal nature, as well as several crates holding necessities for living alone. A dedicated tossing of the room turns up the only items of value being a single box containing find inks for scribing spells and an ivory quill with several new nubs. Cam quickly pocketed that when the party catches the sound of the stone on stone again, but this time very close and as soon as the party notices the sound, it stops suddenly. Racing downstairs again, the party checks all of the floors before finding nothing out of the ordinary. As the storm has finally hit and a light rain patters down, Val’ora took the initiative to gaze outside and while she didn’t find anything moving, there were signs of heat from what look like claws dug into the morter of the tower. Examining the tower closely, several of the same marks could be found on all sides, but all except the few Val’ora found were the same temperature as the stone walls. Concerned, but unwilling to give up just yet, the party decided to head up to the fourth floor… at least the last few steps leading up to the fourth floor. Still covered with the invisible flames, the party spent a bit of time throwing various items in to see what would happen, only to have everything be removed without any sort of damage done. In looking around the top floor, they noticed a lecturn holding an overly large tome which could only be a spellbook on the far side of room. Unwilling to risk the flames, Val’ora decended back to the second floor, climbing up the rope once more, and manufacturing a makeshift grappling hook to try and grab the tome.

Tinan instead summoned up a minor servant of Odin who, when ordered to obtain the book refused. The invisible looking fire was something the being called ‘Soul flames’ which were from the infernal planes and only consumed the spirit of living beings, leaving bodies intact. Val’ora caught the spellbook by the spine and drug it out of the soul flames while the divine servant started to attack the fire in efforts to, as it put it “Defeat the Evil.” Looking over the spellbook, the spells inside were far above Cam’s understanding, but he gathered that the caster was at least specialized in Conjuration. Deciding that it was safer to barricade themselves into the first floor, they barred the door and piled the stairwell full of the belongings from the tower to wait until morning. It wasn’t long until the night before they caught the sound of stone grinding on stone, and foot falls on the second level.

The lost week
What confuses me is why the recording is 3 hours long

Heading back to Lethys, a bear wanders toward camp which they quickly kill. Then they got back to the city and argued about money.

That’s. It.

Everywhere but the Mages College
I think they forgot why they were going there...

The party decided to debate for a while on what to do with the cursed idol, moving from selling it to members of the Green Pride parade, to handing it to someone they didn’t like so they could kill him and loot the corpse free from their guilt. Eventually they pay for the curse to be removed and start asking around town for someone who might be interested in purchasing an “Authentic Cultural Artifact”. Val’ora decides she’s more suited to seeking out other rumors of further adventures and headed to the Briny Rose in which the doorman asked to take her weapons and carried belongings (Backpack, bags, etc) prior to entry. Unwilling to trust them at their word, she decides to head back to the Suckling Pig. Cam, Tinan and Sam’Pax instead head to the town hall and turn in their ears. Once there, they find a new individual standing in the building and they offered their ears. The functionary quickly totals up the ears and hands Sam’Pax five gold and two silver.

Splitting up further, Tinan and Sam’Pax head to the Bloody Stump as Cam strolls off to the toward the Sage’s Fortress in hopes of finding a buyer for the idol. The duo start chatting up Frederick the Bartender in hopes of finding some work after a selfless act of kindness in healing a local worker who had injured himself at his work and was trying to drink away the pain. Frederick lets the pair know that he has been waiting for a shipment for a little over a week of a very special brandy. A special brandy that he would suggest not declaring at the town gate. It seems that a wizard who lives outside of the walls brews very special drinks on the side, but with the local goblin problem there very well might explain where the brandy had gone too. Quickly running through their loot from the goblin caves, neither of the two remember finding what Frederick describes. Thinking that this requires a more thorough investigation, the duo decide to head back to the Goblin Caves and search every nook and cranny for the brandy. But first, they need to buy a donkey.

Cam heads directly toward the sage’s fortress until he catches sight of a house where the iron gate seems to be finely worked and several well crafted statues. Stepping up brazenly to the door, he introduces himself and asks if the owner of the house might be interested in objects de art. The help notices him well dressed and asks his name prior to inviting him inside. After a half hour of waiting, a middle-aged human is introduced as Lord Saluntor. After some small talk, Lord Saluntor takes a long look at the idol and informs Cam that Lethys isn’t exactly the place for high art as most folk instead think of the here and now needs as opposed to the finer things, however he does offer a thousand gold in a letter of credit for the idol which is the same amount spent on the Remove Curse. Cam asked if possible to have the money in cash which the Lord seemed to be unable to place his hands on immediately but they made a plan to meet again in three days time to exchange the idol for the cash. Taking his leave, Cam heads immediately up to the Sage’s Fortress in hopes of finding a better price. Inquiring of the Acolytes who might be interested in a orcish artifact and they directed him to a gnome named Ted. Guiding Cam to what appeared to be an Anthropoligist’s office which had detonated, Ted walks out from behind a desk and when asked by Cam admitted that some called him Ted, others call him Bernice, although only when he’s out on the town. Thinking that Ted enjoyed dressing up in women’s clothes, the gnome happily showed his anklet of gender bending and demonstrated its use several times. Slightly taken aback, Cam shows the idol and Ted begins quite the dissertation on the particular varient of the god based on the differences in the carving before offering 1,200 gp. After a bit of haggling (and a blown roll from Ted/Bernice), Cam walks out with a letter of credit for 1,700 gp.

Finding Val’ora in the Inn, the pair head to the Twisted Mermaid to look for Tinan and Sam where Frederick informs them about the missing Very Special Brandy. Cam asked where they might have gone and Frederick said that since the Fighter/Cleric and Ranger didn’t ask where the Wizard lived, they’re probably wandering around lost outside the main gate. The Wizard lives to the South and you should be able to see the tower in about two days walk, but since Frederick brought up the thought that he believes the missing due to Goblin attacks they head along the road back to the goblin caves, finding the duo and their new donkey a few hours outside of town. Discussing between them for a while, they decide to go back to the caves and search it from stem to stern. Their first stop is the hallway where the goblins revolting against the evil Goblin King had trapped leading to the revolution’s headquarters. Blithely charging ahead, Tinan triggered a crossbow trap which ricocheted off of his armor harmlessly. The party was about to loot the crossbow before the found its poor quality and decided to leave it. The revolution’s HQ was nothing more than a few alcoves dug out by rough tools and maybe hands as well. Sam’Pax found signs that small creatures had been living here, but nothing looked more recent than a day ago. Searching the few places unmapped, the party found nothing more than an abandoned barricade and after checking the living area again, it appeared to have been ransacked for supplies. Cementing home the idea that the remaining goblins of the revolution had departed. Now, the only place they were left with was a tunnel leading out past the Goblin King’s hall which the found a cardboard standee of a Gnome in platemail giving the viewer a jaunty wink and holding his right hand up in the ‘Ok’ sign. Written in a magical script that translated itself to whatever language the reader was fluent in, the standee stated “You must be at least this level to proceed.” The debate raged for a few minutes if it meant that the players were a good enough level, and hence the ok sign, or if they should be level three. Deciding the former was the answer, they proceeded down the tunnel.

The roughly cut tunnel eventually gave way to the classic stone blocks of a deep dungeon, and as the party crept forward Val’ora, on point, happened to miss the sign of a pit trap in the middle of the hall. Stepping on what appeared to be solid stone she fell into darkness as the stone flooring, which appeared to be attached to the walls with a pivot point in the middle, swung around showing a mass of Green Slime stuck to what would be the underside. As it came around, the slime detached itself from the flooring and struck Tinan. The Fighter/Cleric put his ‘Quick Change’ talent to use and hopped out of his Field Plate in but moments, prior to lighting a putting a torch to the Green Slime before it disolved his armor. Val’ora was hurt from the 40’ fall, but the bottom of the pit didn’t contain anything but a stone floor and began to prepare herself to climb out as the party realized they only had 10’ of rope between the four of them. Unwilling to risk his sister falling and hurting herself again, Cam decided to burn a charge off of his staff and cast ‘Levitate’ and allowing her to float back up. Moving further into the dungeon, the absence of any sort of dust of detrius on the floor caused them to be concerned as they all searched their memories for what could do such a thing. Sam’Pax was the only one to recall such abominations like the Gelatinous Cube which was known to keep dungeons clean. As they were unable to disolve metal, the idea of removing all the coins and possibly gems from it’s remains overwrote the party’s caution and they proceeded forward. They didn’t get far before they found a 45 degree slope heading to a lower level, and in turning around they heard a swarm of rats heading their way in a large hurry. Assuming the worst, a torch was thrown between the party and a side hallway they haven’t investigated as the fire caused the wave of rodents to change direction down the side path. Tinan, in a brilliant throw, heaved the torch as far as he could down the hallway, which stuck with the lit side facing outward of the charging Gelatinous Cube. Sam’Pax valiently, but ineffectually, fired and arrow at the abomination as the party retreated back to the pit trap, hoping to lure the creature into the trap, only to watch the lit torch quickly move past. Seemingly ignoring the party. Confused, but a little relieved, the party quickly decided to place one of the stones of Continual Light on the floor of the dungeon where the cube had traveled assuming that it would absorb the stone and be far easier to see. While waiting for the Cube, a trio of ghouls were attracted to the light and caught sight of the party, charging forward to feed.

Cam, Sam and Val all retreated back past the pit trap as Tinan placed the same faith he had in his armor into the power of Odin and began turning while Sam peppered a ghoul with a few arrows. The undead beasts did their utmost to surround and overbear Tinan and drive him to the ground but couldn’t get a good grasp on the fully armored Fighter/Cleric. Once his prayers were complete, the power of Odin shined forth and the beasts were driven away, one back to the dungeon and two toward the party. More arrows came from Sam and Cam blasted the secured pit covering with a lightning bolt from his staff in hopes of breaking it, but the stone was too tough. The bolt, however, bounced from floor to ceiling down the hall and vaporized one of the ghouls as the party made quick work of the final one, and there we ended the night.

King for a Day
Well, one minion for about three minutes

Battle is joined after Cam shouts out that this isn’t murder, this is but a test of their loyalty to Gruumash, getting odd stares from the party and goblins. Tinan steps up and meets the chainmailed armored goblins, striking one decently as two of the four circle around toward Sam’Pax and Cam. Val’ora moved to stand up and assist Tinan, who suddenly finds himself flanked as one of the two circling goblins jumps to attack the field plate armored Half-Elf from a flanked position… which the goblin is still incapable of hitting him somewhere vunerable. The fat goblin lord moves to the melee with Tinan but is quickly manuevered to where he can’t get an attack. The melee continues for a few rounds before Val’ora drops the first Goblin who was utterly useless behind Tinan, and Tinan drops one in front of him swinging the odds in favor of the party. Sam drops the third Goblin as Val’ora kills the fat goblins with a final dagger blow. In the silence after the battle as Cam looks over the fat goblin’s corpse, Val’ora and Sam hear the sounds of someone trying to be very quiet down the hallway from where the party entered the cavern. Prior to investigating the noise, Cam pulls an iron circlet off of the goblins head, declaring the dead beast unworthy and he was now King of the Goblins. From behind one of the braziers where they had heard the noise, a cheer rises up as a lone goblin runs up to embrace Cam who is thrilled that he has slain the evil Goblin King.

Finding themselves with a new source of information, Cam speaks to the goblins who says he is part of a revolution against the evil Goblin King with 7 other goblins hidden down another tunnel the party had not explored. To the best of the goblin’s knowledge, there were no more loyalists left as they would be defending their king. After showing the map to the goblin, he finished up all of the unknown parts to the map and speaks of what certain areas contained. Specifically the corridor where the fifteen goblins had charged Cam from was the living area where the women of the goblin clan lived. Cam informed him rather delicately that it appears the the women and childrens were all killed, as the minion assumes it was the evil king who had done the deed and begins defiling the corpse while enraged and screaming profanities. Eventually, the goblin calms down and afterwards Cam orders the goblin to take him back to the revolting goblins so he may organize his new troops. The goblin, then asked, if it was not Val’ora who did all the work, since he had watched the fight and she outnumbered him 3 to 1 in kills and did drop the evil king. Unwilling to take such lip from an underling, Cam pointed his staff, set it to magic missile, and killed the poor goblin in a single hit.

Murder of an innocent goblins aside, the party starts examining the throne and finds it simply a tall-backed chair sitting upon crates. In opening all four of the crates, they find each filled with 750 gold pieces each. Throwing the crates, the goblins arms and armor into the bag of holding, they head off to where the revolting goblins had made their base. Calling down the hallway that the evil King was killed and replaced, but no goblins appeared. Val’ora made a valient attempt to find any traps they had been warned about but could not pick any traps out. Tinan speaks up as well stating that he was out of healing spells as well. Deciding that they should return to the city and acquire more goods to make this dungeon more habitable… at least that’s what Cam wanted. The rest of the party wanted to get Cam back to a Temple of Nudor to get a Remove Curse for Cam.

Once returned to Lethys, Tinan took a perverse amount of pleasure pointing out half-orcs in the city and pushing his brother toward trying to pick some up for his harem, only to praise Odin when he catches sight of a Green Pride parade (With floats and everything) a few streets down. Val’ora uses the distraction to run to the Temple and get a cleric, explaining the problem quickly as Cam changes out to to his good robes before declaring himsef the Orc King of the Goblins and tries to push his way through the crowd. Thankfully the cleric manages to cast his Remove Curse spell prior to Cam getting into too much trouble. Val’ora removes the pouch from Cam’s belt and asked the cleric if he could identify the idol’s properties. The cleric declined and instead suggested they take it to the Mages College instead, which is where we left it for the night.

Final Goblin Body Counts

  • Cam – 15.5
  • Tinan – 8.5
  • Val’ora – 6
  • Sam’Pax – 2
What do ducks and idols have in common?
Never pick them up while in a dungeon.

After moving forward to the T-junction beyond the shattered remains of the barricade, the siblings catch the sound of bare feet slapping against the stone floor of the crypt, as several creatures were charging from left hand corridor. Five goblins, three armed with daggers and two twirling slings above their heads meet with Tinan who tries to shield bash the lead goblin but fails to knock the small humanoid over as Val’ora steps up along side and drives her dagger home. From the rear, the goblin slinger let their stones fly with no effect and the lead fighters do nothing against the magical steel armored fighter and leather clad thief. The fight takes a turn as a goblin strikes Val’ora for a vicious blow in her shoulder which causes her to drop everything held and suffer a penalty to hit, but after picking up the dagger she returns the favor and stab the goblin in the throat. The fight quickly winds down with the total goblin kills as follows:

  • Tinan – 4
  • Val’ora – 2
  • Sam’Pax – 1

Turning away from where the charging Goblins came from, the party traveled down the corridor to ensure that they would not be flanked by anything coming from behind. Discovering another T-junction secured by a barricade that looked poorly constructed. Tinan decided to forgo any sort of stealth and screaming “FOR ODIN!” he barreled through the barricade in a decidingly Kool-Aid Man fashion. Once through the barricade, the sounds of running feet from the left (Once again) as Goblins in a much larger hurry than before. Stepping up in a defensive formation with Tinan standing up front, Val’Ora drew her bow and fired ineffectually downrange. Cam threw a spear he had picked up from the very first dead goblins and landed a hit…

And at that moment, Cam found himself with an entirely new set of options in combat…

As the goblins met the party, Val’ora dropped one with an accurate dagger stab when Cam heard the sounds of movement behind him, but saw nothing. Tinan, taking his sibling’s concern, lays out a goblin with a single stroke that connected on the top of its head (Had it survived the initial blow, the poor goblin would have suffered the migraine and short term memory loss flaws). A few more blows are exchanged when a mob of goblins dressed in sackcloth armed with random impliments charged from the darkness behind the party. Cam, not willing to be caught by the assault brings out his Staff of Power and sets it to 10’ wide mode and let’s fly, dropping eight goblins straight away while the last two caught in the blast collapse from shock and quietly die. Tinan drops yet another with his sword and Cam drops the final five who charged from behind with a cone of cold. The rest of the goblins, looking devestated at the loss from the massive death behind the lines throw themselves at Tinan and Val’ora without any sort of success.

Current Bodycount:

  • Cam – 15.5
  • Tinan – 8.5
  • Val’Ora – 3
  • Sam’Pax – 1

Heading down the hall where the mass goblins charge originated from, the party’s light source uncovers crates of rather mundane goods and domestic items. Cookfires are burnt out and there’s a small idol of the Orc God Gruumash made of Electrum with an Onyx gem for his eye. As soon as Cam picks it up to place it in the party treasury, however, he subcumbs to the charm laid upon it and firmly believes he is an Orc. Gladly placing his people’s idol in his backpack, Cam and the others continue around and find an area which the bodies on the bier’s have been removed and braziers light the area. The second set had strung across the feet which Val’ora easily spots, which was tied between the legs of the braziers to make quite a loud noise had the party blindly tripped over it. The corridor opens into a larger, dug out area as the braziers continue to light the way. Eventually, the path leads down to recliner sitting on a pile of crates for height. Four goblins dressed in chainmail wielding short swords defend a obese goblin who’s flesh is poking out between the splint mail its wearing. Struggling to rise, the goblin lord points to the party with a silvery object and shrieks out in Common:

“Assassins! Murderers! You all must die!”

To Adventure!
Well, a pair of Goblins at least.

The next day dawns and Val’ora catches the sound of whispered voices out in the front room of the Inn of two people who are trying to keep quiet. Val’ora decided to keep to the shadows while Cam walked out to see what was happening and found Thomas questioning the Innkeeper. Upon seeing Cam, Thomas broke from conversing with the innkeeper and brought a scroll to Cam stating a bounty of five copper pieces per goblin ear has been posted by the Guild of Merchants.

Wanting to get an early start, the party once again heads to the fortress whose doors are wide open during daylight hours. Entering the foyer the center of the building looked to be a library with several tables set up for reading. One local acolyte asked if they could be any sort of assistance and after some discussion they found a local sage named Barrian who was interested in martial items, but was less than pleased at being interrupted at breakfast. The party was brought to the sage’s quarters which appeared to be an armory of obvious magical goods. Offering up a magic spear and suit of platemail that the party didn’t have a use for, Barrian examined the pair and found they were likely a storied set from an Elven warrior, and out of his interest offered the party 7,500 goldpieces in exchange for the set. The party willing accepted before asking about the local sages and their apparently wealth. It appeared the sages are nearly to a man are second and third sons of royalty who have dedicated their lives to knowledge. Happier to know that the sages are likely good for their gold, they decided to head out of the city and headed for the goblins.

According to the map they received, the goblins were about a day’s walk back along the road they came from, then north into the forest. The first night passed uneventfully and in the early afternoon of the second day the party came across a set of ruins. A building, once made of stone collapsed on itself and overgrown with moss. No one is able to make sense of the tracks outside of the building so they head inside carefully to find more destruction surrounding them inside. Large pieces of wooden furniture were both crushed and rotten away on the ground floor, but oddly it appeared that some large sections of the wood had been removed. Continuing their exploration of the collapsed building, the party came across a tunnel near the back of the building that appears that it was breached from below. Cautiously heading down, the tunnel eventually opened into a crypt with several corpses, long dead, laid out in biers carved into the walls. Moving deeper inside the crypt, the party catches the sounds of feet on stone and douse their lights. The noise stops as well, and before long starts to head away. Moving forward carefully, the party’s infravision catches the sight of the spot where whatever made the noise stood for a while before departing. Choosing not to follow, the party turns down a side passage and continues their exploration. The sidepath eventually opened up into a room with several stone benches and long rusted tools. The only other exit shown in the room was a path with a barricade at the end. Once again, the party’s infravision showed a pair of small bodies standing inside. Headless of any sort of danger, Tinan charged forward and lowered his shoulder into the barricade as the two goblins inside extended spears to meet the charge. The goblin spearmen were ineffectual at catching Tinan’s charge, but their barricade met the charge unmoving and withstood Tinan’s mighty blow.

Both Val’ora and Cam decided to watch the rear as Sam’Pax stepped forward with sword drawn. The two goblins once again poked ineffectually against Tinan’s armor as the Fighter/Cleric stooped down, placing his foot on the barricade and simply ripped it apart with his strength. With one of goblins on each of the players, they quickly mopped up scoring one kill each. Once the fight is done and the ears are carved off each of the bodies, Tinan offers a bet with Sam’Pax. Whoever kills the most Goblins gets all of the ear money, Sam’Pax accepts and the count stands as follows:

  • Tinan : 1
  • Sam’Pax : 1
Intro to Lethys
Guess we need to be based somewhere

On a early spring morning, four souls walked briskly down the road through the Casian forest heading to the port city of Lethys. Tinan, a Half-Elven Fighter/Cleric of Odin looking resplendent in his Field Plate with a longsword on his hip. Sam’pax, an Elven Ranger wearing studded leather and carrying a composite longbow with a sword as well. Val’ora, a Half-Elven Thief with her shiny dagger and dark cloak. Finally came Cam, Half-Elven Magic User walking with a well made staff dressed in simple robes. The four had been warned by the folk in a small village to be wary of bandits on the road, but the party was untroubled and by late afternoon they came into the city. The walls of Lethys seem to be have constructed by multiple different engineers. Walls of stone and wood, some roughly hewn and some finished in fresco’s. Behind the walls on a raised area of land appears to be an ancient stone fortress which still looked to be well taken care off. The lands outside of Lethys have been given over small farms with farmhands gazing and watching the foursome march to the city. Val’ora looks toward the frescos and notes that hidden in the images are some symbols that only means something to someone with her training:

Worthless Guards – Vengeful Guild

Two of the previously referenced guards wearing chainmail with threadbare green tabards lean up against the walls. Unconcerned with the comings and goings of most of the people, Tinan in his field plate gets immediately hassled as the guards demand to know what he’s planning to do dressed in such a way. The more diplomatic members of the party simply explain that they were wandering through lands rife with bandits and needed to be prepared. After a little back and forth, the guards seem to get the general idea that the four of them are adventurers, immediately saying that they would need to the town hall and register. The party seemed to reticent to let themselves be known, but the guards assure them its because adventurers have a habit of loosing demons and destruction wherever they travel. Cam and Val’ora decide to deal with the bueracracy of the city while Tinan and Sam’Pax decide to go tie one on, learning from the guards that Lethys is rife with taverns.

Deciding to head toward a tavern named ‘The Twisted Mermaid’, Tinan and Sam’Pax step inside and find themselves in a fairly dark tavern manned by a half-orge. Frederick, the barkeep, is stooped over uncomfortably as five quiet people drink their daily cares away. Sam’Pax decides to get some gambling going and a pair of drinkers take him up on the gaming. The duo learns that the men who drink here run some of the cranes hauling goods from the docks toward the warehouses as Lethys proper is ontop a cliff face several hundred feet above the ocean and docks. Tinan, in efforts to help his cousin, starts buying drinks for the table and sending his cousin ale and water while the others get beer and hard liquor.

Cam and Val’ora instead traveled to the Town Hall which appeared to be a viking longhouse turned over with walls constructed. Once inside, however, the place was decorated quite tastefully with a middle aged human named Thomas who seemed generally interested with the new arrivals, claiming to not having seen any adventurers for ages. When met with disbelief, Thomas claimed that adventurers show up weekly or so, but it sounds more epic his way. Taking down the party’s names, he offered them the new adventurer’s benefits of six potions of healing and a Frequent Prayers Club Card to the Temple of Nudor. Then, following it up with a small handwritten map of local area where goblins where were reported to have been sited. A bit shocked, but thankful, Cam asked if they could do anything for Thomas who responded with a simple “I could use a new job.”

Prior to meeting up with Sam’Pax and Tinan, the duo went to find an Inn called the Suckling Pig where Thomas suggested the party would find clean beds and a safe haven. They booked two rooms for a night plus dinner and breakfast for a pair of gold coins. Now decently inebreated, Sam’Pax is pulled out of the game by Val’ora and taken to the Suckling Pig to sleep off his drink. Interested in the fortress on top of the rise, both Cam and Tinan decided to march up and bang on the shuttered and locked door. Eventually, a guard from up above called down demanding their business, then sent them away as the fortress is only open during the daylight hours so the pair headed back to the Suckling Pig

Val’ora and Cam decided to stay while Sam’Pax and Tinan went to look for another Tavern with a bit more action. Wandering close to the cliff face, they found a tavern called ‘The Bloody Stump’ which was punctuated by a halfling being flung out of the tavern’s window. Picking himself up, the halfling wiped the blood off of his face and crawled back in through the broken window to the sounds of a full bar brawl. Entering the place, all of the patrons seemed to have pushed all the furniture out of the way and were enjoying themselves. Two people seemed to be immune from the chaos. The barman who was looking less than pleased at the goings on, and a man dressed in a frock coat who was twirling a young maid through the brawl untouched. Eventually, after a few shouts from the barman, the brawl ended abruptly with the tables and chairs being pushed back in some semblence of order and drinking began (Perhaps resumed) in ernest. Sam’Pax immediately headed for the frock coat wearing man in the hopes of getting him into a game. The man, who introduced himself as Captain Nathan Masters, seemed uninterested in gaming with Sam, claiming that he didn’t look as if he had the money to actually make it interesting. Dejectedly, Sam’Pax started a game with a few of the other sailors from Nathan’s crew while Tinan spoke with the barman Willem. Willem claims that Captain Masters is a usual sight in the Bloody Stump and pays for all drinks and damages his crew might cause while blowing off steam. Tinan decides not to share this information with Sam’Pax who eventually gets Captain Masters to wager a game for the entire bar tab. Nathan accepts and handily wins the first game. Being the generous sort, he offers Sam’Pax a ‘Double or nothing’ secondary game which same wins by the skin of his teeth.


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