Lethys On 50,000gp A Day

Intro to Lethys

Guess we need to be based somewhere

On a early spring morning, four souls walked briskly down the road through the Casian forest heading to the port city of Lethys. Tinan, a Half-Elven Fighter/Cleric of Odin looking resplendent in his Field Plate with a longsword on his hip. Sam’pax, an Elven Ranger wearing studded leather and carrying a composite longbow with a sword as well. Val’ora, a Half-Elven Thief with her shiny dagger and dark cloak. Finally came Cam, Half-Elven Magic User walking with a well made staff dressed in simple robes. The four had been warned by the folk in a small village to be wary of bandits on the road, but the party was untroubled and by late afternoon they came into the city. The walls of Lethys seem to be have constructed by multiple different engineers. Walls of stone and wood, some roughly hewn and some finished in fresco’s. Behind the walls on a raised area of land appears to be an ancient stone fortress which still looked to be well taken care off. The lands outside of Lethys have been given over small farms with farmhands gazing and watching the foursome march to the city. Val’ora looks toward the frescos and notes that hidden in the images are some symbols that only means something to someone with her training:

Worthless Guards – Vengeful Guild

Two of the previously referenced guards wearing chainmail with threadbare green tabards lean up against the walls. Unconcerned with the comings and goings of most of the people, Tinan in his field plate gets immediately hassled as the guards demand to know what he’s planning to do dressed in such a way. The more diplomatic members of the party simply explain that they were wandering through lands rife with bandits and needed to be prepared. After a little back and forth, the guards seem to get the general idea that the four of them are adventurers, immediately saying that they would need to the town hall and register. The party seemed to reticent to let themselves be known, but the guards assure them its because adventurers have a habit of loosing demons and destruction wherever they travel. Cam and Val’ora decide to deal with the bueracracy of the city while Tinan and Sam’Pax decide to go tie one on, learning from the guards that Lethys is rife with taverns.

Deciding to head toward a tavern named ‘The Twisted Mermaid’, Tinan and Sam’Pax step inside and find themselves in a fairly dark tavern manned by a half-orge. Frederick, the barkeep, is stooped over uncomfortably as five quiet people drink their daily cares away. Sam’Pax decides to get some gambling going and a pair of drinkers take him up on the gaming. The duo learns that the men who drink here run some of the cranes hauling goods from the docks toward the warehouses as Lethys proper is ontop a cliff face several hundred feet above the ocean and docks. Tinan, in efforts to help his cousin, starts buying drinks for the table and sending his cousin ale and water while the others get beer and hard liquor.

Cam and Val’ora instead traveled to the Town Hall which appeared to be a viking longhouse turned over with walls constructed. Once inside, however, the place was decorated quite tastefully with a middle aged human named Thomas who seemed generally interested with the new arrivals, claiming to not having seen any adventurers for ages. When met with disbelief, Thomas claimed that adventurers show up weekly or so, but it sounds more epic his way. Taking down the party’s names, he offered them the new adventurer’s benefits of six potions of healing and a Frequent Prayers Club Card to the Temple of Nudor. Then, following it up with a small handwritten map of local area where goblins where were reported to have been sited. A bit shocked, but thankful, Cam asked if they could do anything for Thomas who responded with a simple “I could use a new job.”

Prior to meeting up with Sam’Pax and Tinan, the duo went to find an Inn called the Suckling Pig where Thomas suggested the party would find clean beds and a safe haven. They booked two rooms for a night plus dinner and breakfast for a pair of gold coins. Now decently inebreated, Sam’Pax is pulled out of the game by Val’ora and taken to the Suckling Pig to sleep off his drink. Interested in the fortress on top of the rise, both Cam and Tinan decided to march up and bang on the shuttered and locked door. Eventually, a guard from up above called down demanding their business, then sent them away as the fortress is only open during the daylight hours so the pair headed back to the Suckling Pig

Val’ora and Cam decided to stay while Sam’Pax and Tinan went to look for another Tavern with a bit more action. Wandering close to the cliff face, they found a tavern called ‘The Bloody Stump’ which was punctuated by a halfling being flung out of the tavern’s window. Picking himself up, the halfling wiped the blood off of his face and crawled back in through the broken window to the sounds of a full bar brawl. Entering the place, all of the patrons seemed to have pushed all the furniture out of the way and were enjoying themselves. Two people seemed to be immune from the chaos. The barman who was looking less than pleased at the goings on, and a man dressed in a frock coat who was twirling a young maid through the brawl untouched. Eventually, after a few shouts from the barman, the brawl ended abruptly with the tables and chairs being pushed back in some semblence of order and drinking began (Perhaps resumed) in ernest. Sam’Pax immediately headed for the frock coat wearing man in the hopes of getting him into a game. The man, who introduced himself as Captain Nathan Masters, seemed uninterested in gaming with Sam, claiming that he didn’t look as if he had the money to actually make it interesting. Dejectedly, Sam’Pax started a game with a few of the other sailors from Nathan’s crew while Tinan spoke with the barman Willem. Willem claims that Captain Masters is a usual sight in the Bloody Stump and pays for all drinks and damages his crew might cause while blowing off steam. Tinan decides not to share this information with Sam’Pax who eventually gets Captain Masters to wager a game for the entire bar tab. Nathan accepts and handily wins the first game. Being the generous sort, he offers Sam’Pax a ‘Double or nothing’ secondary game which same wins by the skin of his teeth.



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