Lethys On 50,000gp A Day

What do ducks and idols have in common?

Never pick them up while in a dungeon.

After moving forward to the T-junction beyond the shattered remains of the barricade, the siblings catch the sound of bare feet slapping against the stone floor of the crypt, as several creatures were charging from left hand corridor. Five goblins, three armed with daggers and two twirling slings above their heads meet with Tinan who tries to shield bash the lead goblin but fails to knock the small humanoid over as Val’ora steps up along side and drives her dagger home. From the rear, the goblin slinger let their stones fly with no effect and the lead fighters do nothing against the magical steel armored fighter and leather clad thief. The fight takes a turn as a goblin strikes Val’ora for a vicious blow in her shoulder which causes her to drop everything held and suffer a penalty to hit, but after picking up the dagger she returns the favor and stab the goblin in the throat. The fight quickly winds down with the total goblin kills as follows:

  • Tinan – 4
  • Val’ora – 2
  • Sam’Pax – 1

Turning away from where the charging Goblins came from, the party traveled down the corridor to ensure that they would not be flanked by anything coming from behind. Discovering another T-junction secured by a barricade that looked poorly constructed. Tinan decided to forgo any sort of stealth and screaming “FOR ODIN!” he barreled through the barricade in a decidingly Kool-Aid Man fashion. Once through the barricade, the sounds of running feet from the left (Once again) as Goblins in a much larger hurry than before. Stepping up in a defensive formation with Tinan standing up front, Val’Ora drew her bow and fired ineffectually downrange. Cam threw a spear he had picked up from the very first dead goblins and landed a hit…

And at that moment, Cam found himself with an entirely new set of options in combat…

As the goblins met the party, Val’ora dropped one with an accurate dagger stab when Cam heard the sounds of movement behind him, but saw nothing. Tinan, taking his sibling’s concern, lays out a goblin with a single stroke that connected on the top of its head (Had it survived the initial blow, the poor goblin would have suffered the migraine and short term memory loss flaws). A few more blows are exchanged when a mob of goblins dressed in sackcloth armed with random impliments charged from the darkness behind the party. Cam, not willing to be caught by the assault brings out his Staff of Power and sets it to 10’ wide mode and let’s fly, dropping eight goblins straight away while the last two caught in the blast collapse from shock and quietly die. Tinan drops yet another with his sword and Cam drops the final five who charged from behind with a cone of cold. The rest of the goblins, looking devestated at the loss from the massive death behind the lines throw themselves at Tinan and Val’ora without any sort of success.

Current Bodycount:

  • Cam – 15.5
  • Tinan – 8.5
  • Val’Ora – 3
  • Sam’Pax – 1

Heading down the hall where the mass goblins charge originated from, the party’s light source uncovers crates of rather mundane goods and domestic items. Cookfires are burnt out and there’s a small idol of the Orc God Gruumash made of Electrum with an Onyx gem for his eye. As soon as Cam picks it up to place it in the party treasury, however, he subcumbs to the charm laid upon it and firmly believes he is an Orc. Gladly placing his people’s idol in his backpack, Cam and the others continue around and find an area which the bodies on the bier’s have been removed and braziers light the area. The second set had strung across the feet which Val’ora easily spots, which was tied between the legs of the braziers to make quite a loud noise had the party blindly tripped over it. The corridor opens into a larger, dug out area as the braziers continue to light the way. Eventually, the path leads down to recliner sitting on a pile of crates for height. Four goblins dressed in chainmail wielding short swords defend a obese goblin who’s flesh is poking out between the splint mail its wearing. Struggling to rise, the goblin lord points to the party with a silvery object and shrieks out in Common:

“Assassins! Murderers! You all must die!”



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